Thursday, March 20, 2008

a poe-em for thursday

Lately on the shuttle ride home from work, I've had little poetic inspirations. Commute time to me is usually down time, and a time to try to neatly fold and put away the miscellaneous pieces of my day. I figured out a long time ago as a stressed-out new nurse that if I didn't do this, inevitably I would wake up in the night worried about a medication I'd given but not charted, or a lab value I forgot to check. Andrew has patiently listened to me babble on about certain situations I just need to get out of my head.

Sometimes when I resort to scribblings they are just personal catharsis, other times more light-hearted.

This is the one from today....

enthusiastic but discombobulated
(all floppy, fuzzy ears and unruly legs)
black wet nose searches amongst
the grass
the sidewalk
the dirt
that unrecognizable shred of garbage
for the perfect location

the perplexed companion
thoroughly wrapped in raiments
of rain-proof yellow
cowers in the downpour
and exasperated, yells...

"Dammit dog!
Just pee already!"

Of course, this has no relationship whatsoever to my own...personal, experience. Nope.

Not at all.


Jaime said...

LOL!! This is fantastic! =D

Jen said...

Hahahaha! :) This perfectly described my first experience with Schatzi refusing to pee in the rain and wondering why we couldn't just go inside and pee there instead...thank goodness she has figured it out.

Lawfrog said...

LOL! Ah, memories of when I was house training my baby (dog) Peanut. Never so happy as when she finally got it and I didn't have to go out there and stay there with her.