Friday, March 07, 2008

Random Friday wonderings and iffings

If anybody knows the answers to these questions....I am all ears.

Some thoughts I pondered today....

1) If you have an unintentional wedgie for most of the day, does it mean that your underwear is too big, or too small? (which is probably just another way of saying that something else, ahem, is the former or the latter. I'm reluctant to admit that it could likely be the former.)

2) Is there a solution to reheating vegetarian pizza so that the pizza doesn't turn out soggy? I've tried broiling it. Came out just as soggy with a moderate amount of burning on top. Go figure.

3) If you leave a stuffed animal resembling the resident feline where your dog can find it, what do you think might happen? Despite what you might think, this is *not* a posed picture, I woke up and walked up the stairs to find this scenario-she was actually licking the heck out of this thing before I snapped the photo.

4) If a patient doesn't understand something that the doctor told them, and you try to clear the matter up with the doctor by prefacing the conversation with, "Your patient was confused about this, and wanted to know...." and the initial response is "I already discussed that with the patient" and continues to resist your attempts to discuss the matter further...are they just simply not listening to you, blowing you off, or just having a bad day?

5) If your sweet husband, who does an extremely generous amount of housework but generally doesn't do anything with laundry except sometimes ensure that it makes it through the washer and dryer has actually washed, dried, AND folded clothes AND put them away... have you achieved the 7th heaven of married life or did he simply just run out of underwear?

6) If you volunteer to help with the destruction of a building that is going to be remodeled into something fabulous, and you're asked to bring knee pads, a climbing harness, a helmet, eye protection, power tools, and be prepared to be outside all day...what the frick are you really going to be doing? Can't I just hand out the donuts instead?

These, my friends, are the things that keep me up at nite.


Jaime said...

I'd say #5 is the underwear, at least in my household. My husband is great to throw them in and take them out. But folding and putting away? Forget about it! LOL

#3 is adorable btw!

Jen said...

My underwear are too small, thanks...:) (I keep buying bigger ones, but you try to keep up with this growing butt).

Jen said...

Miss Rae, I tagged you. See my blog for details.

Bree said...

I can't believe you still have the Alley Cat!! I know mine is...somewhere. yeah, that's it. Somewhere!! Oh, and I would prefer to hand out the donuts as well. People always like the person with the goodies :)