Sunday, April 06, 2008

lessons (somewhat painfully) learned

When you go hiking with a large group of people with the goal of getting to Camp Muir in early April, please keep in mind the following:

1. If you husband purchases new walkie-talkies, make sure that in addition to knowing how to use its fancy functions that you actually know how to turn the darn thing ON.
2. There really isn't a need to take a shovel when you're mostly traveling ON the trail with multiple people who AREN'T carrying shovels (why should ya worry about digging them out when they can't return the favor anyways?)
3. Your Platypus water is likely to dribble from the mouthpiece at the beginning of your hike, causing a great deal of frustration...and then later on, it freezes! Don't put the extra bottle of water at the very BOTTOM of your pack.
4. Be prepared for ALL kinda of crazy weather and even you are dressed appropriately, plan on dealing with certain discomforts--such as your nose dripping snot, and then freezing because it's so cold. Yummy, snotty popsicles!
5. Familiarize yourself with the trail bearings BEFORE you go out on the trail. You really don't feel like whipping off your gloves to do map work in white out (or near white out conditions).

I think that's enough for now...more interesting posts soon to come. Photo is stolen from somebody else's website, and please note, the snow was much deeper, the sky was foggy, full of sleeting snow at times and it was snowshoes all the waaay, baby.


Jaime said...

Wow this looks intense!

Tania said...

mmmmmm....I love me some snot popsicles!!!

Jen said...

I learned the water thing the hard way, too. Keep the powerbars next to your body, too...otherwise, they turn to rocks. :)