Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not quite a Stepford complex

Trying to come to terms with the fact that I do not have a clean, remotely perfect living space is easier said than done.

There's 2 loads of laundry still to do. And 1 clean load to fold and put away. At least the week's ironing is done (just 2 shirts, but still...I ironed!)

The upstairs room is a disaster area. Even though we got one of the last storage spaces available on the property, Andrew still needs to install shelving before we can actually use it. All of our past 3 weekends have involved traveling in a car for several hours and days spent hiking or battling rock or snow. Fun activities in and of themselves, but with mess consequences. Hence, everything is splattered across the floor-snowshoes, ropes, shovels, miscellaneous electronics, overnight packs....Put it this way, if there were a major disaster in Seattle right now, I think we would have something like a highly disorganized 6 day survival kit.

But, we still need to find some time to relax, right? So off I go to the SAM's exhibit with my mom, trying to turn a blind eye to all this clutter.

Wish me luck! Perhaps I need an outfit like the poster girl here to get into the spirit of things.


Tania said...

Don't feel bad! you should see my house: even after I've taken the time to clean, the couch area is a mess with my current knitting project. I finally got an organizer for my used to be in boxes! Who wants to clean when there are better things to do? ;D

Jen said...

I hear you on the cleaning front...I haven't cleaned in ages and the laundry just piles and piles up.

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Sounds like Rae will be getting a whip for her birthday! Crack that whip! "Whip-it real Goood!"

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

PS - I'm glad Andrew doesn't read the blog too often. :) hahahha!