Monday, May 19, 2008

In one day

These beautiful flowers just outside our condo bloomed. Someone who has a greener thumb than I, please tell me what they are exactly!

My friend Jen and her husband Joe welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy, into the world.

I called Drea to wish her happy birthday.

And I got Jo's college graduation announcement in the mail. (Sorry, she's not one of those kool bloggers so I can't add a link here. Too bad 'cause she is one darn good writer even though her degree is in business. Hint, hint...)

All in one day these happy events (or news of pending events) have arrived for some of the special people in my life. This helps bring sanity to my overly manic Monday back at work.

Isn't it a lovely thing to take joy in the momentous events in life for those you love? Can't you tell I'm feeling slightly Anne-of-Green Gable-ish at the moment? =)

(Oh, and Wednesday is husband's dearest birthday. Now if only I was as sneaky about gifts and surprises as he is!)


Tania said...

Looks like an iris to me. My mom has tons of those! She has to dig em up every few years because the grow like crazy--just break off a piece of the rhizome/root and you have a new plant!

Bree said...

Rae-Rae, this is in fact an iris! They are so pretty!