Friday, May 02, 2008

In the past 3 weeks or thereabouts

For whatever reason, haven't felt much inclined to blog lately. A few notable moments to share:

1. Climbed real rock, outside, with rope and stuff. Loved the feeling of real rock (and not artificial hand & footholds aka Stone Garden Gym style), the sound of the Wenatchee river, and the mental clarity of planning a route without colored tape as a guide. While rappelling down, my imagination almost convinced me I was the next Bond girl...or something equally devious and glamorous.

Got really, really, dirty. Not quite so glamorous. I could not believe the amount of gunk that washed off my body in the shower later that day. Reviewing the pictures that Andrew took, I also could not believe how massive one's behind can become when photographed from down below...seriously frightening stuff. (Note to self: massive behind photos not conducive to Bond-girl lifestyle....must activate operation search & destroy)

2. Went to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Symposium-my first ever integrated educational day. Interdisciplinary healthcare workers, caregivers, and patients were present--to my delighted surprise, the combination of laypeople and professionals was refreshingly complementary.

There are an astounding amount of savvy, inspired patients out there! I sat next to a survivor of 4 years and his lovely wife of 40 years. The Pancreatic Cancer is one fantastic organization that is doing much to advocate for our 4th leading cause (and by far worst federally funded) of cancer death. I griped about this in a previous post on colorectal cancer.

3. Got a crappy, gunky, cough-y thing that made me feel like an achy 80-year old woman for a few days. Got a call from work to inform me that the 'sick' policy requires a doctor's note. WTF? This is a professional workplace people, not kindergarten! If we all went to the doctor with every cold, sniffle, and flu...I think they'd all go postal.

4. Helped construct and slept in a snow cave. Seriously. I think the work division was something like Andrew 90%, Rae 10%..... There's really not a lot of room to dig these things out.

Despite what you may think, it's warmer than sleeping in a tent. And you can customize the inside with little alcoves for candles and all your gear. I wish I'd had enough time to have taken a few pictures of the inside, because it was just really unique. Just be sure to spend lots of time smoothing out the ceiling so it doesn't drip on you overnight. And allow a minimum of 4 hours for proper construction. All this work might be worth it if you're spending multiple nites out on the snow. (Now who in their right minds would do such a thing?) Certainly I can't really imagine being in a situation where you'd have to construct something like this...perhaps to weather out a massive storm or something, but I guess now we can say that we know how!


Jen said...

Thanks for the updates for your faithful readers. Had a great time talking with you today.

Jaime said...

Wow, that cave sounds amazing! Next time please share pictures ;)

running wildly said...

Um, wow.....a cave. How adventurous! Sorry to hear you've been sick. Perhaps you've passed it onto me via computer because I have something awfully similar.

Regarding your comment on my post. Yes, oncology nursing is very likely where I will end up. The hospital I'll be hired at once I graduate has a cancer center in it, and I am hoping to get my foot in the door within the next few years. I've known for a while that oncology very likely has my heart. And I see you are an onc nurse yourself! How wonderful. I hope to read some posts about your nursing experience.