Monday, June 23, 2008

busted:: or tales of a pack rat, part one

One of the things I hate to admit is that despite the fact I love neatness and order, I have definite pack rat tendencies. I think I come by it somewhat genetically, so to a certain extent it's entirely understandable, right?

As a result of cleaning out my desk drawers the other day..(no small task for an easily distractible mind such as my own) I find a few interesting relics of the past with stories all their own.

As a typical older child growing up, I had some minor problems with darling younger sibling messing with my stuff. Clothes, toys--whatever it was--somehow it was 'borrowed' and returned not quite in the same manner in which it was last seen. Borrowed clothing eventually became a matter of enough drama that I remember at one point being forbidden from borrowing clothes. I'm sure it didn't last too long!

Remember when Pentel's Hybrid Milky gel pens first came out in pastels? And how the essential ingredients of a 9th grade girly friendship relied upon the ever-present cutely folded arrow, heart, or pull-tab note about boys, gossip, or other top secret items passed off inbetween classes? Well, once those girly-colours pens came out, a girl just simply had to have them. The best part? The pens could write on dark paper as well.

So today I was reunited with my very first ever "Milky Memo" pad. I have an overindulgent fondness for little cutesy stationary thingies. I must confess that spotting this little notepad gave an immediate little burst of creative happiness. When I opened the first page, what did I find?

bubbly handwriting and trademark little doodles all over the page. After all these years: busted! (See, it wasn't just my imagination--she really was messing with my stuff!)

Oh yeah--and for those of you that know my sis, she just started her own blog! So check out the link and send some love her way.


Jaime said...

My husband and his family are terrible pack rats. I'm talking about saving anything and everything!

I'm heading over to visit your sister's blog! ;)

Bree said...

I loved those pens...glad I had yours to borrow :)

Lisa E said...

HA HA! Not only can I totally relate to the pack rat tendencies of totally useless and completely fabulous items from your past, my sister is quite guilty of this, as well!