Tuesday, July 01, 2008

there's this *aMaZinG* thing called a planner!

If you're wrong about something...and it causes many of your co-workers a lot of stress, extra work, and your clients inconvenience...and particularly if it's not the first time you've made this mistake...

Please, please, for my sanity and others: admit that you messed up! Instead of blaming others and fuming at 'the system' for being 'punitive'....just deal with the fact that your mistake created problems. Resolve to change your habits and be proactive so you don't repeat the same mistake three times. This is particularly frustrating when said mistake could have been easily avoided just by doing what normal people do--keep a frickin' planner!

Ok. Nuff said on that for now.

May your palm pilot be ever-present, even in your dreams.

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