Tuesday, September 09, 2008

100% girlie-fied

This weekend I had an unusual amount of girlie activity... Which included:

1) Painted my toenails cherry blossom pink.

2) Waxed my legs. This was my third at-home attempt, by far the least messy but still with sub-standard results. Lessons learned include: running up and down the stairs to heat up wax is not conductive to efficiency; bending and twisting every which way to access that one spot on the back of you legs and apply the strip properly is much easier if you are like, say...Gumby or an Olympic gymnast.

3) Cleaned up the sticky and newspaper-smudged mess in my bathroom after number 2. I even put down newspapers and *thought* I had previously concocted a method to prevent the 30 min of clean-up that followed! Bah.

Conclusion? The $35 spent monthly on hair renewal is worth *so* very worth it. Remind me, why do women go through this? Oh yeah, right...somebody long ago decided that hairy legs in their natural state were an abomination and decidedly unsexy.

So what were all these preparations for? Now onto the truly exciting girlie activity.

A few months ago, my Anglo-phile auntie who is an amazing crafter, baker, house-decorate extraordinairre...invited me to a KCTS Jane Austen-themed Tea event. You may recall she also makes beautiful hats.

One rainy, otherwise dreary Sunday, I joined a troupe of other fancily-clad ladies for some scrumptious tea-time courses and conversational pleasantries. Cloistered inside the Daughters of the American Revolution building on Capital Hill, we were given titles (I was a Marchioness which I later found out meant wife of a marquis) and escorted up the velvet-red stairs by gentlemen dressed in period clothing. We were even announced with our so-called "titles" upon our arrival in the dining area. A girl could get used to this!

This was the first course of food--an elegant little sandwich, poppy seed muffin, clotted cream (which sounds atrocious but tastes heavenly), raspberry jam, raspberry scone, and that big yellow blob was the yummiest of all--lemon curd. Did I mention I was fantastically hungry and gobbled this all down, thinking to myself, "well gosh, I'm still kind of hungry" only to find out this was the first of four courses?

I have to admit I was somewhat lacking in conversational graces because, let's face it, while I've watched Emma, Sense & Sensibility, and have read them both....I'm not not exactly the all-knowing fan most of these women were. My Auntie V truly stole the show with her hand-made bonnet--a little girl sitting at our table even later asked to have her photo taken with her. See how delicious this Edwardian-style bonnet is?

::sigh:: Sometimes, for maybe a few minutes, I daydream about living in an era where this style of dress was the norm...and then come crashing back to reality of how privileged women are today compared to past times. I'd swap the daily wearing of a corset for the chore of leg hair removal any day, but definitely not the other way around.--among many other more consequential things!

The festivities also included Regency-era dancing. I have to say my inner nurse-y self was sincerely hoping nobody fainted, because most of the male dancers were elderly and it was fairly muggy. In addition, there were some minor glitches in their dancing music which resulted in a rather long wait for them on the stairs. Fortunately, their performances proceeded without any cause for alarm or reason for me to abandon my Marchioness-like qualities.

Sadly, all good things eventually come to an end. So as all the lovely dishes were being cleared, we were escorted out of the fine hall and whisked back into the world of today. I was very fortunate to enjoy some time with my hard-working Auntie V and share this experience with her.

Can't you see Auntie V is a wee bit smitten with the idea of being escorted down the stairs? =)


deanna said...

That sounds like so much fun! (The tea, not the waxing.)

Tania said...

I still stick to shaving. I invested $70 in an epilator, but have only used it 2x. It misses spots even after I go over it multiple times. You want it? ;P As for the tea party, I think I would have loved that! I love reading about that era and sometimes wish I could have lived back then too!

Jen said...

How fun! Waxing is sure satisfying, but MESSY.