Thursday, September 04, 2008

and there you have it

Remember when you and your elementary school buddies would make paper fortune tellers? I had nearly forgotten all about this childhood pastime until recently. One icky, "Decemaugust" day found Andrew and I lounging around, watching a Simpson's episode. (Oh yes, I do know how to spend some fine quality time with my hubbie)

And there was Bart, with all his little hooligan friends devising pranks based off what the little 'fortune teller' told him. I chuckled to myself, recalling the endless amusement the little elementary-devised fortune tellers provided my school yard girlfriends. For example, we could torture our peers terribly about which boy in our class we'd end up kissing, or how many children we might have, or (ready for the sauciest one yet?) perhaps a dare, like "pass a note during class" or "spread a rumor". Oh yeah, I was a bad child. You know it.

I couldn't resist asking Andrew if perhaps, during his childhood, he'd played the fortune teller game. I can't honestly say I ever saw any 2nd grade boys amusing themselves with these things, but he grew up in a far different sort of place, so I thought perhaps there was a chance.

He grinned at me, a little twinkle in his eye. "Oh, yeah...sure we did those."

"Really? So what did you usually put in them?"

"Oh, you what girl you could get with, and how much you could get."

I guess this is why they say "Girls are made of sugar & spice" and little boys....well, let's face it, they're just not.


Garrett said...

Those were always the domain of esoteric girl knowledge.

Jen said...


Team Eddy said...

Hilarious, Rae, just hilarious!

running wildly said...

So awesome. I remember those things! Full of good times. Wicked. Loved this post.