Monday, September 22, 2008

beg, borrow, or steal

Anybody with a sister knows that these three verbs are the primary drama-creators of sibling-hood. When you're little, it starts with toys. Then it goes to hair accessories, books, cool crafty things, clothing... next comes sharing a car. While it's great to temporarily expand the selection of fluorescent leggings in your wardrobe and other misled late 80s fashions, your Little Mermaid versus Lion King lunch pail, or the pogs in your collection, these three little verbs are unfortunately likely precursors to squabbles.

So what is it now? I'm stealing a blog post. Yup, my sister finally shed her decidedly blase, all-too-common myspace for a much more expressive blog. (Not that she is blase, mind you) Beware, she really likes pink. And this is her version of the accounts of the past few days. The photo is from about a year ago on our "Dad's day" sail around Elliott Bay. I wish I had a little kiddo picture to make you ooh and ahh over, but everything I have is in a good old-fashioned album and I can't beg, borrow, or steal a scanner at the moment.

I'm slowly learning, everyday, to replace fear with hope.

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