Monday, September 29, 2008

Everyday sights

Along the commute to or from work on a Fall Monday....I pass over this bridge daily.

Saw a crane 50 feet high with 2 port-a-potties being suspended adjacent to a high-rise construction. Were they full, empty, or somewhere in-between? A practical joke, perhaps? Do muscular guys who do construction work 24/7 really need a portable stinky bathroom on the 15th floor? I wonder...

A full grown man pedaled furiously on his full, grown-up sized shiny pink bike up 45th street this afternoon. He was wearing serious, manly biker-dude gear....a gift for his biker chic girl? Who knows... All that was missing were the colorful handlebar streamers and a horn!

A dark green car cut us off, grrr....Got a glimpse of the vanity license plate: GRNEGGNHM. Even though this did get a little chuckle, if you cut me off, you gotta do a whole lot better than that to make it up to me (or in this case, Andrew!).

1 comment:

Tania said...

Grr for people cutting you off! I have to go through that multiple times a day, but I'm used to it by now (I still say AZ has the rudest/stupidest drivers ever)

Oh yeah....glad you enjoyed the lime meltaways!