Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Behaving badly

The story behind the story: The rule in our house regarding pets and encounters with people furniture is 'by invitation only'. Of course, with the kitty this is minimally enforceable.

So now dear readers you can understand that why this little story (and accompanying photos) resulted in chuckles and smiles. Especially sinceAndrew sent this to me at work on a rather (otherwise) frustrating day.

Enjoy the following photos and story, courtesy of my darling husband.

… she is lying down on the floor, by the foot of the stairs, I am on the phone.
She gets up, walks slowly(tail down) towards the TV, smells the remotes on the table, and then even more slowly she climbs up.

A quick turn of the head, as if saying: What? Is there something you want?

Sophie in all her couch-surfing glory. Ya can't blame her, it IS a comfy couch. Head on the pillow and everything.

Both the naminals just chilling. Except Layla (for once) is the one following the rules. That giant purple cat bed is otherwise known as "Big Shrimpy".


Jen said...

Oh, Sophie, what a hard life you have!

bulldozer for sale said...

wow, very special, i like it.

Tania said...

So cute! We have the same policy at our house, but I hardly invite Sammy up. That will change when Jon gets home!

Team Eddy said...

It's hard to be mad at a face like that.