Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Times

I've had the privilege of meeting many long-time couples throughout my short time in nursing--there was the 92 year old retired air force pilot and his wife of 65 years who could still tell stories about the day they met, there was the quiet, calm couple who trained blind dogs together for 30 years and married for 40 years, and then there was the long-time married couple of 40 years where every time the wife came in for her treatments, the husband was always a calm, steady presence. She was often anxious but as long as he was there, she was fine. He was a seemingly healthy rock of a man who still participated in mountain climbs at 60-some years of age. I remember being absolutely shell-shocked when I learned he had passed away of a heart attack, and she--still with cancer, but relatively stable in her disease progression--passed away a mere 5 days later.

While it might be a little sensational, this is still an interesting read for your Sunday Times enjoyment: Never To Part

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Jaime said...

When I went to vote there was an elderly couple ahead of me as I pushed my ballot into the machine. As they went to walk out the door he reached his hand out to her and she slipped her fingers inside.

It struck me then - I want that. I hope that twenty years from now my husband will reach for my hand like a teenager.

I couldn't take my eyes from them as they walked outside, watching them approach their vehicle hand in hand.