Sunday, November 02, 2008

rainy day Vashon Island jaunt

We'd originally planned to day-hike up Granite Mountain this weekend, but the weather was a bit discouraging. In addition, I'd done my yearly oh-so-much-fun physical yesterday, and decided to get my fasting blood tests done Saturday morning. So that was obviously the best decision I made this week.

I was still feeling a little restless that morning about heading out of the city in search of fall beauty and hopefully not too much rain, so Andrew and I loaded the Sophie dog into our faithful little 95 Mazda and headed off to Vashon Island. It was a drizzly, short ferry ride but we were just in time to hit the last 2 hours of their local farmer's market where everything--crafted or grown, originates on the island. I bought a yummy blueberry-pear coffeecake and fed some bites to Andrew as we continued our island driving adventures.

Next we headed off in search of a 'rare books store' to which Andrew had an address that led us down a twisty country road and we realized that the so-called 'book store' was probably part of someone's home. We passed many farms and several yards with creative oddities. Someone's home is exactly what the bookstore turned out to be, except for some reason the guy couldn't let us into his house despite claiming that he had thousands of volumes. hmm.... In any case, he was very nice and offered to give Andrew a discount on his first purchase. Apparently most of his business is on-line and perhaps conducted with a bong always in the vicinity.

Since the rain had lessened a bit by this time, we drove down to the other end of the island in search of Pt Robinson lighthouse (pictured at top far right) and Maury Island Park. Maury Island was one of the locales where supposedly a UFO sighting took place in the 1940s, the evidence being a slag of debris--apparently its origin is still debated.

Andrew and I were not aware of this piece of history during our visit, but enjoyed Maury Island Park nonetheless. Sophie was very excited at the prospect of crunching on clamshells, chasing birds, and fetching sticks. Andrew and I just enjoyed the quiet, and if the day was a tad less cloudy, we would have also savored a fantastic view of Mt Rainier.

Near the end of our beachcombing, we happened across a little black head flipping in and out of the water, and a swirling flock of seagulls. When the animal came a little close to shore, we realized we were witnessing a seal frolicking about with its latest catch. It carried on with its food-play and didn't seem to mind our presence one bit.

I wish I could have provided a few photos of our day, and I did bring my camera, but failed to check the batteries before I left home.

I guess that means we'll have to go back! It was refreshing to get a little taste of rural, fall quiet.


Jen said...

Hhmm...the bookstore sounds *interesting*.

Tania said...

I definitely miss the fall, but looking at your temps now and in the morning (39F...yikes!!) I think I prefer warmth. It only reached 71 here today after weeks in the 90s. I was meant for the desert because I was chilly and sported a sweatshirt to keep me warm! You should come visit and get away from monotonous grey days!

Tania said...

Tag your it! Check out my blog for details!