Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's up with the box, doc?

Remember Bugs Bunny? Andrew recently began to relive his childhood nostalgia with Bugs Bunny by watching internet cartoons. Poor kid, apparently when you grow up in a communist country the powers that be only air about the same 20 cartoons a few times a year. No wonder he's such a fan. =)

Unfortunately we're stuck in the seeming never-ending era of Seattle winter much rain and gloomy dark it's hardle bearable without unusual quantities of caffeinne, commitment to some sort of indoor exercise, and other indoor hobbies. The antics of Bugs and Mr Fudd have been a welcome entertainment in small doses of cartoony-goodness. Particularly amusing is the litany of physical comedy, lack of politcal-correctivity, and sometimes (even) yes, sexist humor. It's not necessarily offensive--the cartoons just portray the relic of those times when ladies stayed home and wore high-heels in the kitchen--and men became hopeless idiots at the sight of bosoms and red lipstick. (well, wait--some of that still might be true.)

It was a pleasant surprise for Andrew...and for another furry household member when a package arrived in the mail from his mom containing none other than the Golden Looney Tunes Collection. (Thanks Roxana!)

Can you guess which furry household member that might have been? Once again, being at work--I must say I miss all the excitement around this place. Andrew was kind enough to capture the moment in my absence. Without further ado, dear you have it.

Hmm....what have we here? So kind of Roxana to send me a box. Someone get rid of these blue shiny flat things, will you? They're interferring with a perfectly good box.

I must investigate if the smell is suitable to a feline of my disposition. Inspection time!

Ah, well is appears to have suitable aesthetic quality. Now, how about the feel of this material--is it comfortable, what is the corrugation cell count? Does it contain any of that memory foam I've been hearing about?

Well, I rather think I like back off! One paw over the box says this is mine, mine, and mine! Don't be getting any ideas. (This means you, slobbery resident canine!)

Off to kitty dreamland in the perfect little ol' box.


Jen said...

She looks so comfy!

KARIN said...
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Karin RN said...

cute pictures. Someone likes staying in the box indoors.