Tuesday, February 10, 2009


You may think of "Buckley's" as the name of a beer , that pub in Queen Anne, or that cute dog that was unfortunately run over by the drug-addled Owen Wilson in the last part of The Royal Tennebaums. Unfortunately the "Buckley's" which I happen to intimately familiar with Buckley's of Canada, which is none of the previously mentioned agreeably cute or appetizing things. This little bottle o'juice is keeping my psychotic cough somewhat contained so I can sleep at night. It is a white, pancake-batter consistency liquid whose taste reminds me of (simultaneously) the odors of pine-sol, charcoal, and something else that is indescribably vile.

All cough syrup is noxious, right? Well at least most of them try to have some semblance of 'flavor' and add a little sugar in to Marry Poppin-ize the entire deal.

Not Buckley's.

Andrew introduced me to the little-known Canadian secret that is Buckley's before we were married and spent weekends either in White Rock or Seattle. It was probably an act of sheer desperation, I imagine his thoughts at the time went something like..."if I have to put up with that cough through another night, she's sleeping in the trunk of my car or off to the drugstore we go ASAP." Like any proud Canadian product, Buckley's contains the genuinely Canadian ingredient of Canada Balsam, yummm. (Also known as TURPENTINE people...I am guzzling trace amounts of turpentine to maintain my sleeping sanity) It does bring a soothing warmth to your throat--kind of the same effect as kicking back a hot toddy but sans alcohol.

I am so looking forward to the end of my kleenex toting, tea-guzzling, and Buckley swigging nights.

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Tania said...

Wow. That Buckley's sounds....great. Hope you feel better soon!