Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily signs of nursey-ness

We all know what we do while we're at work. It's the things that spill into your daily life that remind you you're a nurse when you...

1) Wrap your dog's hurt paw in coban--or repair your husband's accidental kitchen knife thumb cut with steri-strips.
2) Barely manage to remember to take your single multivitamin while you tell your patients ALL the time to remember to take their 20-gazillion meds as prescribed.
3) Use alcohol pads for spot-cleaning.
4) Own more comfy, practical shoes than your grandmother and mother combined.
5) Never pass up an opportunity for the wonder drug otherwise known as CHOCOLATE.
6) Wish you had an ativan air wick in your bedroom for those restless nights.
7) After a really long day, hear call bells in your dreams.
8) Get excited over perfect strangers with big, sexy veins.
9) Have been to more 5-star restaurants with big pharma as your date than your spouse.
10) Use a paper towel to open public restroom doors. (egads, remember from your school days the plethora of germs that can be swabbed in public places? I can't forget that. And all those patients you've had to remind to wash their hands after using the toilet? Yeech. )

I'm curious--which work habits have you cultivated (be you a nurse or otherwise) that have crept into your daily life? And do they make you look cuck-oo? I definitely get some strange looks for the paper-towel door handle thing.


Jen said...

I once stopped a man on the street who looked like he was having trouble breathing. Turns out he was just bending over to pick up his groceries.

Anne said...

Hmmmm-let's see. My husband and I's work lives meld with home lives when:
1)We see hay bales and instantly look for hungry animals.
2)We make comparisons to a L&D ward and a calving barn.
3) The back of our Jeep has everything in it for diagnosis of noxious weeds, a snowstorm in June and education pamphlets touting new pig feed rations. Scary, eh?