Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Flying fingers

Even though I was still sneezing (and occasionally coughing away) I was determined that suffering from a lingering and particularly vile cold would not cause us to cancel our plans to see the legendary Al Di Meola play at Jazz Alley last Saturday evening. So I shed my pj sickie-wear, shaved my monkey-woman legs, donned a colorful purply skirt with a matching top and off we went.

There are many wonderful places to eat in Seattle but sadly Jazz Alley is not one of them. Its menu is limited with only about 8 entree choices. It also didn't help that my fashion accessory for the evening was an ever-present travel package of kleenex that I had emptied by the time the last piece was played. My sense of taste and smell were skewed and my appetite was rather small. We had possibly the blandest calmari I've ever tasted with the most exicting title I've ever heard (Deep Sea Calamari) and our entrees with served with burnt "grilled" veggies on the side. Andrew with all his olfactory senses intact was in agreement with my assessment of the food and he is usually more generous than I with such matters.

Although we were dissapointed in the food that sentiment dissappeared after hearing Di Meola's first piece. This man is a true master of his art. He plays guitar with a technicality and speed that seems almost beyond human possibility, yet is still simultaneously beautifully classical and improvisational. While he has been criticized by some for his focus on speed, I honestly couldn't understand what that hype was all about--perhaps when he was a younger performer this might have been an issue. Hearing him play along with an international assortment of percussion, acoustic bass, second guitar was like taking a mini-vacation to somewhere warm and exotic while sitting in a drab Seattle building on a cold January night. The hour and a half single set passed much too quickly. We were fortunate to be treated to an encore of none other than the Mediterranean Sundance which has many, many versions.

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Tania said...

Sounds like a lovely evening, just the same! Glad you got out to enjoy some wonderful music!