Monday, February 16, 2009

the nocturnal pooper

One of the joys of city-dog ownership is waking up at some ungodly hour of the night to take your furry friend to the loo. Trudging out your front door in the wee smas in your jammies and warmest jacket is everybody's favorite nocturnal hobby. Friends with little babies tell me this is good practice for child-rearing. I'm not so sure. Sophie is a particularly good dog and wakes me up gently just by placing her head on the bag and wagging furiously....but it still is a rather unwelcome interruption to sleep!

Unfortunately, the fact remains that every now and then, no matter how regular you are with the pre-bedtime potty run, the doggie gets the runs.. And this was exactly the case about a week ago, when my cold was at its prime and being exposed to cold air a guarantee of a coughing fit.

So fortunately, my darling husband assumed the unexpected night duty. Coming back to bed, he muttered " need a diaper!"

Me, still half-asleep, giggled at the thought and said..."Uh...honey, I don't think Sophie would put up with that for one minute...." Suddenly it occurred to me that Andrew, with his only-child background and no cousin childhood probably had never even had to touch a diaper. I did what had to be done to confirm my suspicions. I asked...."Honey, have you ever even changed a diaper?".

Andrew snickered and said, "Well, now we know what you're here for!".

I think I managed to whack him with my pillow (as I couldn't think of a suitable retort) before drifting off to dreamland.


Tania said...

He's got a rude awakening coming to him! Jon too!

Jen said...

Tell him that's a dad job...moms do input (breastfeeding) and dads do output. He can be trained.