Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where have you been all my life?

Ah, succulent fruit with a perfect balance of juiciness, sweetness (but not too sweet) and a bit of obsessed I am with thee! Let me count the many ways...

69 calories only
22mg of calcium
12 sections to nibble upon
5 consumed in the past 7 days
1 spoon to eat you with (note to self--need to get one of those serrated spoons)
1 knife to gently coax out the best of you there is to have

Sadly, I cast you aside in my youth for sweeter, more artificial things. Such foolishness. Forgive me, my taste buds have matured and my waist line has widened. I am now the wiser and see the error of my ways.

I hope that we may soon meet again.


Tania said...

Mmmm! I did the same in my youth! Lucky for me several people at work like to bring in their fruit from their backyard trees! SW winters=citrus fruit to your heart's content

Jen said...

Yum...I love grapefruit...although I frequently squirt myself in the eye whilst eating it.