Saturday, March 14, 2009

famous last words

Over the past few years I've had multiple friends, co-workers etc. tell me how great various on-line social networks are...and I casually waved them away saying, "Oh yeah...I have a blog and the last thing I need to do is waste more time on the internet."

After catching up with my college girlfriend Jen on the phone last week (who is in MAUI right now, lucky girl) I could resist no longer. I had to see what all the fuss was about. I had no idea how easily I would become sucked into the vortex...

Oh look, it's like twitter but fully matured! And oh, look...see all these people I haven't spoken to since high school--and would you have imagined that this girl would marry that guy even though they never dated in high school...aww how sweet....Holy cow, this formerly player-girlfriend-of-the-hour boy settled down and has an adorable family! What's that, Miss L who was one of the top nursing students is now a musician living in Los Angeles? Sweet.

Hmm....something's popped up here...a quiz invitation? And you think you're smarter than me? Methinks not!

And on, and on, and on it goes. ::sigh:: I've had to dose myself like a junkie on a limited budget but sadly my little bloggity blog here has suffered. I'll have to invent an exit strategy...and soon!


Tania said...

Yes that's the problem. You first sign up and you're stuck there for hours!

Jaime said...

I haven't twittered yet, haven't really "grasped" the concept. Perhaps it's best if I stay away!