Thursday, March 19, 2009

it's official, not much has changed

There's a certain anniversary looming this summer...and I can't ignore it any longer cause I just received word that little Stanwood High School class of 1999 is holding reunion festivities this year. You can head on over to here and get the full scoop.

As you can clearly see I was a big nerd then and have continued to be so now....although I no longer wear tie-dyed shirts, thankfully. This is yours truly and Miss Niki (who is now expecting her first little one) at the National Science Olympiad in Chicago, Illinois. All the junk is basically our prized booty from the national 'swap' meet--me with my South Dakota sunflower bobblers and Niki with the ever-coveted cow. Unfortunately for us Washington state was pretty lame for donating trading gear, apple-shaped keychains and samples of Mt St Helen's ash can only go so far.

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Jaime said...

I didn't attend my reunion ;( but honestly, I disliked my high school enough the first time around. I love the picture, you were as adorable then as you are now!