Thursday, April 30, 2009


The days are getting longer and warmer so my evenings have been full of activities other than the weather was tantalizingly beautiful and unfortunately the commute home was nothing short of nightmarish. I was officially out of work at 4:50 and officially home at 6:47pm. Something is very, very wrong with that!

So here I am trying to come up with some sort of birthday plans for my soon-to-be-3o year old sweetie, who doesn't really much celebrate birthdays but I can't let this one slip by... Why are men so difficult to shop for? I'm thinking of a simple gathering of friends at a local restaurant and then closer to his real birthday, a little surprise....but exactly what, I have not the slightest (I have all sorts of incredibly expensive ideas, but sadly our little budget can't accommodate any of the more lavish options at the moment.)


Jen said...

I have such a hard time surprising Joe. He usually a) guesses it or b) I tell him. It never works out.

Dr. Davon Jacobson, MD said...
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