Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unwittingly reduced to potty humor

At the end of the work day yesterday, I had to track down some lab work a patient of ours was supposed to have dropped off at an external lab facility. So I dialed 'em up and got placed on hold for about 5 minutes. I had even pressed the 'for doctor's only' line!

While waiting I daydreamed about the great food we'd had for lunch earlier that day. Since it was the fellow's birthday about a week ago we all snuck across the street to ILOVE SUSHI for a quick celebration. I wound up forsaking my usual nigiri-sushi order for a dragon roll which sounded (and was) fantastic with salty mackerel, creamy avocado, and a tempura-shrimp center.

So there I was on hold thinking yummy sushi-type thoughts. Finally someone answered and I blurted out: "Hi, this is Rae Niculescu RN from the Cancer Center...I am checking on Mrs. Appleby's labs, did she drop off a stool sampler today?"--at this point, I sputtered...."wait, I mean...stool sample?" It was too late, the damage had already been done.

My coworker sitting at the desk next to me started guffawing...I cracked up while also apologizing and reading off Mrs Appleby (not her real name) birthdate. Pretty soon everyone in the office was literally clutching their sides and rolling around in their office chairs. Is there an acronym for that one? (not exactly ROTFLMAO-funny but pretty darn close)

And there I was, still on the phone, struggling to control my simultaneous embarassment and laughter as this poor lady searches through her info despite the uproar in the background. She eventually confirmed that Mrs Appleby had not delivered the expected item.


That was my unintentional prank call of the day. Clearly food and work (at least my line of work) are an unsavory combination.


Tania said...

Haha! Yuck!

Kim said...

LOLOLOL - oh my, a "stool sampler"? I can barely get my patients to give one specimen, let alone a sampler! : D

running wildly said...

Icky. And icky too because I"m not a big fan of sushi. Blech. It's the texture that gets me everytime.