Monday, May 25, 2009

Ladies of the Sky

A few years ago, I was caring for one of those truly lovely elderly ladies who had just managed to land herself in the hospital for a few days. It was on or very near to D-Day and she was part of the generation where that day was a defining moment in her life. She also (as it turned out) had been a pilot for the US Air Corps.

At first when she told me this I thought to myself....Uh oh, time to get out the haldol...but since she was sharp as a tack in every other way and passed a quick mental status check, I eventually realized that she wasn't joking!

Here's an interesting read for your Memorial Day consideration, in recognition of the little-known female WW-2 pilot.

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Anne said...

Thank you for giving these gals recognition! I first learned about them at the Air and Space Museum in DC while on a 9th grade trip back East. I've met and known quite a few pilots, including one that had ties to Pancho Barnes (another famous female pilot), but would love the opportunity to chat with a WASP in person. :)