Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She might sink

On a recent stereotypically overcast day, Andrew and I were with Sophie in the park. There's only one thing Sophie loves just as much as chasing a ball and that is swimming to get the ball. (Do you notice a theme here?)

Andrew was lobbing the tennis ball into Lake Washington to the delight of Sophie when a little brunette girl approached him who looked a bit serious for her age....She couldn't have been more than five years old.

She slowly looked up at him and inquired, "Hey mister, is that your dog? What's her name?"

Andrew responded "Yup, that's my dog and her name is Sophie."

She slowly twirled around to contemplate Sophie in the water, curling some strands of hair around her finger. Sophie was steadfast in her enthusiasm to get to the ball before the black retriever that seemed to be racing her and still had about 15 feet to swim before reaching the ball. The little miss took this all in while slowly turning back to us and said, "You know, that's kind of far for a dog to swim."

With just a hint of a smile, Andrew reassured her, "Oh, she's a strong dog and this is what she likes to do. She's gone for much further and longer than this before."

The little girl put on hand on her hip, scrunched up her nose and little bit and sputtered, "Well, shouldn't make the dog go that far...she might get tired and sink!"

Andrew's eyes twinkled as he responded, "It's ok, she likes this. You don't need to worry."

All that got him was a "Hmmmmf" and an abrupt turn on her plastic green boots. She returned to the felled tree on which she'd previously been playing.

You just never know when you might get unsolicited advice from a curious little kid.


Jen said...

Young animal rights activists! :)

Jaime said...

So sweet! LOL