Monday, May 04, 2009

While you were away

Don't you ever wonder what happens when you leave your pets at home? For a while after we got Sophie, I noticed every now and then a single sock would appear in some corner of the apartment--but I also could never catch her in the act. I finally caught the kitty toting a sock in her mouth (!) I suppose Sophie's ball carrying antics made quite the impression on Layla.

On our recent trip to Toronto to visit Andrew's parents, we left the princess kitty in the care of a generous neighbor and Sophie went off to "Camp Alice"with our wonderful dog-sitter Lydia.

Now we finally have some evidence of Sophie's activities in our absence. Apparently she has been consorting with "Flat Stanley" as you can see in the following pieces of evidence:

Chilling in the cedar branches is a necessary leisure-time activity in the life on Sophie (on the left) and Dave (on the right). Notice the frisbee is generously being shared with Flat Stanely, it's original colour was yellow but now it's going for the 3-day-old banana look.I'm certain Sophie and Dave were rewarded with dog cookies after the picture, but you have to wonder...what the heck is in it for Stanley?

Someone should have let poor Flat Stanley know that a tie is not quite suitable canine-friendly attire! I hope Flat Stanley enjoyed dirty tennis balls every bit as much as Sophie. The children who wrote back in response to Lydia's letter detailing the adventures of Sophie and Dave were primarily immigrant kids from Mexico--their most frequent question had to do with commenting on the enormous size of these dogs and wasn't Flat Stanley scared?

I'm not sure how Lydia answered that one, but we can all rest assured that Flat Stanley returned home intact but likely in need of a hot bath. :)


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This is so adorable Rae!

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