Monday, June 01, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back...

This appears to be the theme today. And here's what I did that made me think this way since I'm sure you're clamoring to know:

1. Purchased two birthday cards, one for a birthday in about 2 weeks, another for a birthday at the end of the month. Came home and found out that birthday girl no 1's cat just died, and birthday card is very cat-centric. Oopsies. Guess I'll have to pick out a different card.

2. Took Sophie with me on multiple little errands at the U Village. We wove in and out of stores including the treacherous Fireworks (lots of break-able at nose height) and she impressed dubious store-owners frequently. I felt quite smug about having such a well-trained dog and loved being able to take her with me on a rather hot day when there's no safe possibility of staying in the car. On our walk up the hill from the condo parking spot, took her off leash and she galloped towards a little tiny girl who just toddled around the corner. Despite my call to have her come back to me. Sophie circled the little kid before turning around. She didn't knock the kid over or anything like that, but the girl looked pretty spooked and Sophie's previous stellar obedience took a little nose-dive in my (now humbled) opinion.

3. Made a quick grocery run this morning for bread and breakfast staples. Was inspired to purchase the makings of a BBQ--steak, corn, and watermelon--but realized when I came home that we were out of charcoal. And when I finally purchased the charcoal, I got the wrong kind. I didn't know there were right and wrong kinds, but there you go. That's why Andrew usually does that stuff.

Overall these are minor things but a good reminder that I'm quite far from perfect. A few years ago I probably would have thrown up my hands and been irritated at myself, but I think I've grown up a bit. Today's a beautiful day that's meant to be enjoyed--despite steps backwards or not--that is exactly what I intend to do.


Jen said...

Way to enjoy the day aside from these minor set backs! :)

Tania said...

Your Sophie-girl is too cute! My local yarn store has a resident Airedale, Rocky, and his demeanor seems to be like your Sophie's.

As for the BBQ...I didn't know there was "wrong" charcoal either!