Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's blame it on the weather

Once Seattle turned warm and sunny in early June (much to everyone's delight and surprise) this little ol' blog no longer held much of a draw for me. Perhaps these photos can tell you why....

Layla learned to play kitty chess, here she contemplates her move...

And then presents her ingenious chess strategy! (The chess set was a gift from my Mom to Andrew for his birthday, but now you can see who it really was for.)

The summer hiking season has officially started, enabling us to see places like this--beautiful lower Bridal Veil Falls...

and take short breaks in cool and loamy forests...

After a long trek up , up, up many rocks and winding stairs, we were rewarded with a beautiful alpine lake and some hot miso soup for lunch.

This is also where crazy dogs otherwise known as Sophie go swimming. Let me point out--3/4 of this lake was still under snow cover! She came out one chilly dog.

We've also been catching up with family and friends. On one of my Mondays off (love, love, having every other Monday off. It's amazing how smugly luxurious one can feel lounging in bed until 0830, knowing the rest of the city is gearing up to work the day away) we journeyed down to Puyallup to catch up with my ever-busy little sis and meet her beautiful new horse, Charlotte.

If you think it looks like the horse is snuggling Bree, it's true, she really is! She's a very gentle, curious 4 year old whom my sister has only trained since February.

Bree took pity on us poor horsie amateurs and let us each have a turn around the arena. This would be approximately Andrew's first time ever on a horse and perhaps my 12th or so; however my first in many years since sneaking out at night to trot down to the beach with Necia and her horses.

If you're smitten and would like to see more of Charlotte, try my flickr site. Hopefully we'll be seeing much more of her over the years, as she is by far the sweetest horse my sister has ever been involved with.

So now that this formerly cloud-and-rain soaked Seattlelite girl has finally absorbed enough vitamin D and satisfactory outdoor adventures to at least account for some of our months of gloom, my blogging updates should be more faithful and regular.

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