Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just call me "Heeney"

I think I'm ready for the drama in my life to, yesterday. I am perfectly content with a quiet life, thank you very much.

"Heeney" is my new nickname, it is Andrew's phonetic rendition of "H1N1" and yes, I found out on Saturday I am positive for the swine flu, which is much more risky for pregnant women according to the CDC. (As if there aren't ENOUGH things to worry about when you're pregnant, right?)

My symptoms began Tuesday night with just some general body aches (not uncommon for me during the past month as my belly has started to expand a little) and a mild headache. The following morning it was evident I most definitely had a cold--nasal congestion and a bit of a cough so I bundled up on the sofa with my chamomile tea and took the day off work.

However, this seeming 'cold' was nowhere near as awful as the vile cold that knocked me on my butt in August for about a week, so I didn't think much of it. By Thursday I was calling the midwife clinic to get clearance to go back to work on Monday, and when they found out I had one episode of fever 100.9F I was asked to come into the office the following nasal swab definitely showed I was positive.

Fortunately I am doing fine today except for still a bit of a cough, and baby has checked out ok. And, perhaps the best news is that I will now develop my own natural immunity to the dreaded swine flu which will allow me to avoid the whole vaccination debacle. (suspension of mercury restrictions)

Going back to my tea, rest, and other pathways to good health...


Deanna said...

Oh wow, that is pretty scary. I'm so glad you are well and the baby is too.

We've decided against vaccinating Daisy for H1N1, the thimerisol thing was a deal breaker for Darin. Still deciding if I should get it or not.

Jen said...

Rae, glad you are doing ok. I got my swine flu vaccine this week. We have 7 pregnant women on vents in the ICU...they have sort of created their own ward and there is an "epidemic" in Idaho Falls. Actually, they did 1 c-section in the ICU. BAby fine. Mom still on vent. Keep us posted. Did you get started on tamiflu?