Thursday, January 21, 2010

Almost like twins

I have neglected this blog terribly, but for very good reasons, let me assure you! And in no particular order, they are...

1) We've spent the past month or so used car shopping from private sellers, and now have a nice 2006 Toyota Sienna to tote around our new baby and furry baby Sophie. Many thanks to some very generous help from my Dad, or else we'd be driving a much older and head-ache inducing vehicle.
2) We've taken 2 snowy trips to Leavenworth and this pregnant lady managed to snow-shoe--on flat ground, nothing dramatic here--for about an hour and actually enjoy the event. I think Sophie enjoyed it the most out of the 3 of us.

3) I've taken up knitting again and have made several cute baby hats. I believe my 2nd grade knitting teacher (scary old Mrs Scott, who smelled like mothballs and garlic) would be proud of this endeavour.

4) My baking obsession lately has been cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes...basically trying to replicate as closely as possible the famed yumminess and prettiness of Trophy. I think I'm getting pretty darn close. Some of my esteemed taste-testers are beginning to agree.

And finally, probably the most intriguing tidbit of all--no, we're not having twins, but almost. My little sister, Bree, is due to deliver a big ol' baby boy about a month after me. As you can imagine our parents (as first-time grandparents) are completely astounded at this turn of events.

If you don't believe me, here's the proof!

A little friendly belly competition, I am at 25 weeks, Bree is at 21 weeks.

And we're both just smiles for the camera here...future Grandaddy is working that Nikon.
Lastly, here's the most recent belly shot, taken in the same outfit just for comparison's sake...this is me at 31 weeks. And now I'm 34 nearly 35 weeks so guess it's time for yet another photo...

And that's all for now, time I get around to posting, at the rate I'm might be more baby-centric than ever. :) Just don't say I didn't warn you.


Lena Hong said...

You look tiny! I am glad you are having fun doing some of your favorite hobbies. There is going to be so little "me" time after the baby comes, at least in the beginning. However, I wouldn't trade my Mommy life for my before-kids life for anything! said...

oh goodness lovely photos! said...

my friend is pregnant and i just showed her this blog
it has a baby in a bubble pregnancy tracker on it (i thought that was neato).

nice blog!! have a great day!

Tania said...

I love belly pictures! And those cupcakes look so pretty! Willing to share the recipe with a girl who is going through Trophy withdrawal? :P Hope all is well with you!

Jen said...

Are you really that small at 34 weeks? I look like I'm carrying twins compared to you!!! You two make beautiful pregnant women.

Rae said...

The first set of photos is 25 weeks, the second is at 31...and since about the end of week 32, I think I've gotten exponentially larger. Will try to take another one this weekend in the daylight!

I am no longer what I would think of as a petite preggo lady. Large and n'charge is more like it.