Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcoming miss Emma Sophia

It is with great love and joy in our hearts that we share with you the news of our daughter's arrival at 3.52 pm March 4th at the University of Washington Medical Center. The labor was long and exhausting as it began around Tuesday evening with a Wednesday evening admit to the hospital. (Now we know why Emma was a bit late, she was giving Mommy a chance to rest up!) When my thoughts have settled a bit, I do intend to blog about her birth.

Aside from the use of pitocin to encourage stronger contractions it was an unmedicated birth. We were rewarded with a darling baby girl weighing 6 lb, 8 oz who nursed immediately following birth and was very watchful of the new world around her for quite some time. (In other words, she watched us and we, in awe, watched her. And may have changed a diaper or two in the process :)

We decided to discharge home early, which was Friday evening. She is nursing well, letting us sometimes sleep for as much as a luxurious 2 hours at a time overnight and is steadily adjusting to this new world. We are becoming acquainted with our little lady and have already given her a few nicknames which speak volumes of the personality shining through this little being:

"Sharkie" for the nighttime feeding frenzies (see above, looks cute but WATCH OUT!)
"Miss Poopenmeyer" for the funny faces she makes while making poo

"Angel" for the angelic sleeping faces.

Thank you for all of your heartfelt congratulations, home-made dinners, baby items and shared excitement in our new adventure as a family. Attached are a few of our favorite photos so far... We will be posting daily photos on flickr, raecgirl is my username if you'd like to see them just request to be my friend. Also, occasional updates will be available on my blog,

With love and Emma baby coos,

Andrew, Rae, and Emma

Thought for the day...”The first cry of a newborn baby in Chicago or Zamboango, in Amsterdam or Rangoon, has the same pitch and key, each saying “I am! I have come through! I belong! I am a member of the Family!”.”

--Carl Sandburg


mindfulbreath said...

So sweet, Rae - what a beautiful baby girl! And sooo much hair!

NIki said...

S0 beautiful! Congratulations Rae and Andrew!

Deanna said...

What a beautiful little girl and what a lovely name. I look forward to seeing more pictures and will get to work on her very own towel soon.

Amy said...

Congratulations,Rae and Andrew! She is just precious.

Tania said...

Oh Rae...she's just so beautiful! I can imagine how much you must love her...I've fallen in love with her just looking at her! Congratulations again!

Jenna said...

I love how in the picture of her sleeping she has her little fist curled up under her chin. So sweet! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Amy and Jen's mom said... beautiful precious baby! Congratulations!