Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All baby, no blog

It's been a record-breaking blog hiatus, but things have been very sweet and well here at the Niculescu household. I'm thankful to report that this little girl is starting to get the hang of the sleeping thing, usually allowing us one 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night. This makes the world look much kinder! (And allows time for things like blogging rather than napping.)

Baby Emma continues to delight, enchant, and amaze. Her latest trick is to grab her own belly the second the diaper comes off, turning it rosy shade of pink and giggling in the process. At 3 1/2 months she is holding up her own head. We can observe her daily discoveries--the movement of her hands, the delightful squishiness of her own feet, new sounds, new faces, new places, the list is endless. We can definitely see some preferences emerging: she would much rather stand than sit (of course with a bit of support under her arms), face out and say hello to the world than face in, be walked or rocked to sleep instead of chilling in her bassinette, and watch Layla the black kitty than Sophie the fuzzy dog.

While the majority of our news is baby-oriented we've managed to make a few small home improvements. Andrew's parents visited for about a week in May and spoiled us with a new couch and TV...we also (after many trips to JCPenney's which had hands-down the best selection of the many stores we tried) have graced our living room with curtains which instill a new sense of 'homey-ness'.

I think this photo about sums it up: Look, Ma, I've got hands! And fingers! The home improvements are also included in the background. :)

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Anonymous said...

...so heartwarming to read your blog. Emma's really growing fast. Papa Drew is serious business nowadays, huh? Is the furry nanny fetching you the baby wipes yet? Will see you all soon! Kisses to Emma.