Monday, February 21, 2011

little bits

Here's our little rabbit, almost 1 year old now (about 10 months when this photo was taken.)

I had all sorts of ideas spinning around for an exciting, all-new, hook-em-in blog post, and now I'm not sure where they went.

My one somewhat humorous observation for the week is that cat food is apparently enticing to everyone. Everyone being:
1) the cat
2) the dog and
3) the baby

Sophie knows she's not allowed in the kitchen (where we keep the cat food) Emma kind of knows...except she'll just grin at me over her shoulder when I tell her, "no babies in the kitchen!" Then she'll scoot her little keester as fast as she can over to that enchanting dish of kitty food, reach out her little chubby hand and....

Luckily this mama is still fast enough to move that kitty dish. For now, at least. We've had several incidents with the kitty's water bowl, but that's another story altogether.


Jen said...

Rae! I'm so glad you are back! Emma is so grown up!

estetik said...
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