Friday, October 28, 2011

Where everybody knows your name

After a nearly sleepless Monday night, it was clearly time to take Miss Emma to the pediatrician. It was nearly sleepless for a variety of reasons, ranging from an attention-starved kitty who loves to knock things over to refilling the humidifier in the middle of the night while forgetting to plug the base (hellooooo 2 gallons of water leaking onto the carpet) but the worst of it all was a clearly uncomfortable and not consolable baby. Finally at the witching hour of 1am she got about 4 consecutive hours worth of much needed sleep.

Yes, this nurse mommy has a stethoscope and knew that Emma's lungs were clear...but with all the fuss she made flying flat and miserable bouts of crying at night, I felt like something was not quite right. So off to the pediatrician's we went, despite the fact that she was a pretty spunky, happy girl in the morning (far more happy than her parents, I assure you).

Ok time for a little waiting room griping--why ask a parent bringing in a sick kiddo to fill out....four pages of paperwork while waiting? Who has time to do that? Especially when all your sweet kiddo wants to do is be held so she can examine those fascinating fish?

So of course by the time they called Emma's name, I'm still madly scribbling. They don't actually send a person out to get you--the receptionist gives you a little card with a photo and a number, and you follow that photo set (plastered on the walls) until you get to the assigned room. Definitely a cost-saving measure, I'm sure.

I'm in the back of the waiting room, trying to finish up my 'homework' and tell the guy calling Emma's name that "I'll be there in a second."

Emma looks at me, looks at the receptionist and calmly toddles through the waiting room, The receptionist practically heaves himself onto his stomach to pass the card down to her over the high counter. Everyone in the waiting room just got real quiet and stared for a few minutes. Emma turns around and comes back to me card in hand with a great big smile on her face.

Yup, that's our girl--ever observant and aware. Keep in mind the last time we had been to the office was nearly 2 months ago and that was the first time they started using those corny "find sailboat number 3" cards.

And what was causing all the nighttime fuss? A small amount of fluid in her right ear (uninfected) and probably a result of the slow recovery she's had from a nasty cold/flu-like bug we all had at the end of September. I don't want to even imagine what the drama of a real ear infection might be like.

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